The Artists

At Gourmonde the focus is always on the individual artist, their creative vision and personal journey.  Every piece on our website has been handcrafted, not factory produced; with natural materials, one at a time.  In this section you can browse the talented people we have discovered, learn what fuels them and their craft and see the range of different pieces we carry.  Shop, discover and travel with us.

Dan Fuller Jewelry

Famke Jewelry

Hinterveld Mohair Throws

Janine Binneman Jewelry

Matblac Leather Goods

Oh Dear Megan Jewelry

Shelley and Harry Jewelry

SMITH Jewelry

Sonja Moore Ceramics

The Lovely Ones Jewelry

Tiffany Marx Jewelry

SMITH Jewelry

Two Birds With Some Stones Jewelry

Vuyisa Potina Ceramics

Zunette Mulder Jewelry