About Us

A love of design, travel & creative
spirit moved me to start Gourmonde.


I always marvel at the beautiful and unique things there are to discover in the far-flung corners of the world. The stories one hears along the way are just as valuable. Art and design can flourish in some unlikely places, creating unexpected parings and fresh ideas. I love to hear about the inception of a piece straight from the artist to fully understand their vision and process. Many of the artists we highlight are solely responsible for creating their products, holding to very high production standards and attention to detail. It is creative expression as well as a labor of love that drives the artist. Naturally the art is influenced by their home and surroundings. We encourage the fusion of traditional materials and techniques with modern design ideas, the end result being beautiful, original pieces, perfectly suited to a contemporary lifestyle.

Our ethos is to give artists and designers the international exposure that their work deserves. We hope you enjoy their stories and art as much as we did searching for them.

Happy Travels,

Serena Strydom