Smithing Necklace

Two Birds with Some Stones

$110.00 $30.00

Inspired by exploring the malleable properties of metal, this piece is meant to showcase different smithing techniques; heating, hammering, and forging the sterling silver into transformation. The design is slightly organic in nature, but still retains an unusual modern quality.


  • Hammered sterling silver pendant on a sterling silver chain
  • Hanging length is 9.05” (23 cm)
  • Pendant face is 0.51” (1.3 cm) in length by 0.66” (1.7 cm) across in in width
  • Handmade in South Africa by artists Stacy Adriaans & Jeanie Hugo Elliott

Artist Bio

“Little hearts are not our style; we prefer jewelry a bit more wild.” Two Birds with Some Stones is a Cape Town based jewelry brand that focuses on handcrafted, eclectic and whimsical silver jewelry. All pieces are designed and manufactured by Stacy Adriaans (Bird One) and Jeanie Hugo Elliott (Bird Two), who became friends while studying Jewelry and Metal Working at the University of Stellenbosch. Their designs celebrate all things tongue-in-cheek, reflecting their personal style, different backgrounds and life experience in individually produced ranges.

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