Broken Heart Necklace with Bottom Tear

Eon Hoon


Artist Eon Hoon believes that  “no heart is ever whole when we fall in love, a piece remains with those in our past.”  He personally casts and hand cuts each sterling silver broken heart necklace, giving them a battered and uniquely modern appearance.


  • Hand-cast & cut silver broken heart pendant
  • Pendant is 1.18” (3 cm) by 1.18” (3 cm)
  • Hanging length of the chain & pendant is 9.84” (25 cm)
  • Handmade in South Africa by artist Eon Hoon

Artist Bio

Symbolic and satirical are two words that effectively describe the work of Eon Hoon.  He is a Cape Town based designer that strives to highlight the unusual. Graduating with a degree in Jewelry Design and Manufacture from Cape Peninsula University Of Technology, Eon was awarded the 2005 PlatAfrica most creative design award in the student category. He has exhibited for House and Leisure South Africa and worked with Crush Magazine on their Food as Art feature. Eon finds inspiration in everyday life, music, emotion and allegory in objects, adding his own slightly macabre and playful twist to create something new. 

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