False Spikethorn Floating Seedpod Ring

Tiffany Marx

$130.00 $30.00

The False Spikethorn is an evergreen tree that is indigenous to South Africa; its seedpods are sculptural and unusual, inspiration for artist Tiffany Marx. Using the lost wax casting technique, she transforms the seedpods into perfect, lasting sterling silver replicas, each with their own signature and totally unique and special. Tiffany has set two seedpods in a sterling silver floating ring, to enhance the drama. This ring is sure to be noticed as you take a little piece of South Africa with you.


  • Cast in sterling silver
  • Ring will fit a size 7 to 8
  • Face of the ring is 1.33” (3.4 cm) across in length by 0.78” (2 cm) at its widest
  • Handmade in South Africa by artist Tiffany Marx

Artist Bio

Thoroughly modern and totally unique, Tiffany Marx concentrates on creating truly original contemporary jewelry in silver, gold and platinum. She launched her jewelry collection in 2006 after graduating from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology and her work has been featured in Marie Claire, Glamour and Rooi Rose Magazine.  Recognized for her minimalist forms and modern interpretations of nature, all Tiffany's pieces remain wonderfully wearable. Aesthetically she values clean lines, pure uncluttered forms and honesty in the use of materials. Inspirations include Japanese design and various textures found in nature, from smooth grey pebbles on the beach to the roughly textured bark of a tree trunk. The process of simplifying elements, objects and ideas is paramount in her work.