Angular Duo Profile Ring

Dan Fuller

$48.00 $16.00

This modern ring is made from high-grade, tarnish free stainless steel and is hand polished through a number of phases, leaving a clean, brushed texture. The band is thick and has two rounded and two square sides, allowing you to turn the ring to face two different ways, depending on how you want to wear it.


  • Crafted from high-grade brushed stainless steel
  • Ring is 0.07” (2 mm) thick & the band width is 0.35” (9 mm)
  • Will fit a size 10 to 10.25
  • Handmade in South Africa

Artist Bio

Dan Fuller started designing contemporary jewelry in 2006. He was looking to merge clean lines and shapes with less conventional manufacturing methods, traditionally associated with furniture design and architecture. The ranges are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa from high-grade stainless steel, a clean and tarnish free material. Construction is often combined with industrial coating techniques and then hand polished through a number of phases, leaving a clean brushed texture. Using this blend of industrial and handmade manufacturing techniques the company delivers fresh pieces aimed at the design and fashion conscious consumer. Dan Fuller Jewelry Design supplies boutiques throughout South Africa and have produced custom made pieces to accessorize independent clothing designers, as well as manufacturing corporate jewelry for J&B Whisky and Red Bull.

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