Nandina Earrings



These delicate earrings were inspired by the leaves of the Sacred Bamboo or Nandina, which has grown in Chinese and Japanese gardens for centuries. Handmade in sterling silver, these simply elegant earrings are great for an evening out and have been worn by quite a few brides on their wedding day.


  • Handcrafted from sterling silver
  • Earring is 3” (7.62 cm) in length & 1.5” (3.9 cm) at its widest
  • Handmade in South Africa by artists Adeline Joubert & Adi Cloete

Artist Bio

Firepetals is the creative collaboration of modern designers Adeline Joubert and Adi Cloete, who both work in Cape Town. Their inspiration is diverse and they work in a multitude of different mediums to produce individual wearable works of art. In a world awash with mass produced adornment, they seek to educate on the delights of handmade jewelry to deeply reflect personal style. Both also teach jewelry making to aspiring creatives and have exhibited throughout South Africa as well as in Munich, Berlin, Turnov and Liverpool. Adi believes that “meeting people with unusual jewelry, reveals a lot about them as individuals. To me jewelry is not just about adornment, but rather an expression of a person’s individuality.”

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