Luxolo Smoke Black Pot with Leaves

Vuyisa Potina


Vuyisa Potina’s work is a delicate mixture of traditional and modern. This decorative porcelain bowl exemplifies that, the design is sparse and the smoke firing methods are a nod to his Xhosa heritage. It has been named Luxolo, which is Xhosa for peace.  The deep brown exterior is encircled with simple carved leaves and the smoke firing imparts a flecked patina, letting the beauty of the clay show through. Vuyisa personally crafts each piece, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.


  • Unglazed smoke fired decorative porcelain bowl with engraved leaves
  • Vessel is not food-safe
  • Diameter of opening is 2.95” (7.5 cm)
  • Height is 3.54” (9 cm)
  • Circumference at its widest is 18.89” (48 cm)
  • Handmade in South Africa by artist Vuyisa Potina

Artist Bio

Vuyisa Potina is a ceramic artist based in Franschhoek, South Africa. In 2002 he casually began working with clay and upon realizing it was his true calling, Vuyisa received a scholarship to Boland College in order to further his technical skill. Each piece deeply reflects his Xhosa heritage and traditional smoke-firing methods, blended with a modern sensibility. Vuyisa allows the natural colors and textures of the clay to come to the fore, ensuring that his work remains original and one-of a-kind. In 2006 he was best in show at the South African Exhibition of ArtsCape and in 2007 the Cape Craft & Design Institute chose him as an icon. His work has also been exhibited in Germany, Portugal and Saudi Arabia.

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