Large Round Serving Platter

Sonja Moore

$128.00 $40.00

This whimsical and stunning platter is perfect to elevate your culinary wonders at the table. Each piece is crafted completely by hand so no two shapes are exactly alike.  Sonja Moore allows the clay to bend and move in an organic way, ensuring that each is unique and harks back to her inspiration – the variability in the natural world. It features a sweet little bird resting on a wire, a simple design that is still striking. Mix and mingle sets of her signature colors; aqua and grey skies for ethereal table settings or simply as artful pieces around the home. This vessel is food-safe and glazed with commercial salt glazes.


  • Stoneware platter, glazed with commercial salt glazes
  • Vessel is food-safe
  • Diameter is 15.35” (39 cm)
  • Height is 1.57” (4 cm)
  • Circumference is 48.42” (123 cm)
  • Handmade in South Africa by artist Sonja Moore

Artist Bio

Sonja Moore began ceramics classes in 2005 after encouragement from a friend and never looked back, she had found her passion. In 2009 she bought a kiln and her clay art studio was born. Sonja is drawn to clay sculpture as well as artful functional tableware. Each item is completely handmade and created in a delicate, whimsical style; off kilter and formed in an organic way, giving each piece its own special character. She draws inspiration from the fynbos; indigenous vegetation of the Western Cape, the shape and color of bird’s eggs and variability in nature, her signature design being a striking bird on a wire.

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